Inca Trail Hike  
Inca Trail map

Penny and I hiked the Inca Trail as part of a tour of Peru with GAP (now G Adventures). More details later! Links to photos from the 4-day hike are:


Day 1: Km 82 to Yunkachimpa campground past Llactapata.


Day 2: Over Dead Woman`s Pass (4215 m) and via Runkuraqay and Sayacmarca ruins to Chakiqocha campground.


Day 3: Down through forest past Intipata and Phuyupatamarca ruins to campground near Winaywayna ruins.


Day 4: Up at 3:30 am to hike to reach Machu Picchu viewpoint before daybreak. Penny and I were bothy feeling weak because we had only eaten biscuits for they past 2 days because of upset stomachs. Penny was quite sick and was unable to se much at Machu Picchu. I managed to sumon up enough energy to hike up Hyuana Picchu (behind Machu Picchu) for a breathtaking view of Macchu Picch and the surrounding area.